Admissions and Aid

Admissions and Aid

St. Ambrose University invites learners to question and explore - to meet challenges with courage and make a tangible impact on the world. 

Relentlessly committed to our students, our classrooms are places where theory meets practice, the boundaries of disciplines blur, and ideas become seeds of meaningful change. Aware and responsive to financial needs, we find innovative solutions to make a St. Ambrose education relevant, attainable, and affordable for every learner. 

Ask the big questions, embrace every opportunity, and reimagine what is possible.  



Explore your potential and seek answers to the unknown. Become inspired by the inclusive and generous community you'll join at St. Ambrose University.

First-Year Admissions

Transfer or Adult

transfer or adult

You've already started your education. Now finish your degree at St. Ambrose. We walk with you, guiding and encouraging you to the end.

Transfer or Adult Admissions



Be a leader in your field. Boldly pursue a better world. Build success in individuals, teams, and communities. Make your impact.

Graduate Admissions

Attend SAU Tuition-Free

Through the Ambrose Advantage scholarship program, a tuition-free St. Ambrose University education is available to any eligible Iowan. This opportunity allows recipients to enter the job market with a valuable degree and minimal debt.

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So, what's next?

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