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Beau Dexter

Bachelor of Arts in Management '11; Master of Business Administration, Class of 2012

"I loved the MBA program. I was human resources coordinator at the time, and I never thought I would have to write a business or marketing plan. The program exposed me, and forced me, to really think 'How can I do that?' Even today within my work I pull from those experiences."

We challenge our MBA students to become excellent and ethical professionals by providing an education that is broad, relevant, and surpasses expectations. Beau sought a program that would lead to professional advancement. With the help of professors and classmates with genuine business experience, he gained an education that gave him so much more. He applies those lessons and skills every single day.
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Our undergrad business management program let Beau explore and discover the field of HR. Then, an internship at Genesis Health System led to a job right after graduation. While working full-time, he took evening courses and earned an MBA in 10 months. That, in turn, set him up for his current position as Director of HR for Genesis Health System, which serves residents in 10 counties in Eastern Iowa and Western Illinois.

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How did your education prepare you to be a HR leader?

Deep, relevant curriculum

"I had professors with real world experience who were able to take us through day-to-day issues, and it correlated very closely with what I encounter every day. We were learning from people who were living it at the time," he says.

COB programs and faculty

beau dexter

Did you enjoy the professional interaction between the MBA students?

"I did. Not only were our professors actively involved in business, everyone in class had 15-20 years of experience. We learned from our professors and classmates who could share what was going on in the industry in which they worked."

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What surprised you about the MBA program?

"I had to take a lot of different courses. It was not just HR; it was business ethics, legal, and marketing, so I got exposure to little bit of everything. Today, I sit in meetings with our marketing team or legal team, and as I interact with them, it makes sense and I have more appreciation of their work."

Master of Business Administration

Can you assess the value of a SAU education?

Transformational Confidence

"At Genesis, we get more than 50,000 applications a year and we also recruit. Having an education sets you up for success and is valuable when we look to hire someone. Personally, in my position, my education set me up to move from HR assistant to coordinator to director," he said. "At Genesis, you have to have a master's degree to become a director and having that MBA put me in a position where I was eligible to apply when the position opened."

Master of Business Administration

So, what's next?

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